I made a new zine! And there are four tiny zines sewn inside of it in different ways. Three are colorful accordions and one is a black and white one sheet book sewn right into the spine. All of the images excluding the covers are taken directly from my sketchbook. Here’s an instavideo of me flipping through it.

I’m taking preorders right now so you can buy one if you want.  They’re 8 dollars and will ship in early July. ALSO I’ll be selling them at Portland Zine Symposium, which is happening July 12-13 at Ambridge Event Center in my favorite city ever. Maybe we can hang out there?

And there’s another new zine in my shop today. It’s much less fancy and a continuation of my Spirits series. Check it out.

Thanks to the beautiful people of Portland, Oregon, I only have two copies left of this zine. They’re in my shop and if you want to own one, don’t hesitate! It’s very unlikely that I’ll be making another edition. 


Dans ma maison en ce moment, des animaux et des plantes.
Cartes à découper dessinées pour Titlee, je vous montre bientôt ça.

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